We believe marriage and family are about love and commitment, working together, bettering the community, raising children, and growing old together. We believe in a Michigan that supports strong families and values freedom. And we believe that marriage matters to all Michiganders.
We believe extending the freedom to marry to all couples is the right thing to do. Support for the freedom to marry is consistent with what businesses stand for. Business leaders believe in treating others as one would want to be treated.
And it’s good for business: To compete with other economic hubs and remain economically viable, Michigan must demonstrate a commitment to creating an open, healthy and diverse workforce.
In Michigan, there are certain truths we hold dear. We believe in basic freedom. In hard work. In providing for our families. In treating others as we would want to be treated ourselves. We should listen to our hearts, and the values we all share—and support the freedom to marry.
Michigan Businesses United for Marriage, a coalition of Michigan corporations, large businesses, and small businesses, is united in our hope that the people of Michigan will join us in supporting the freedom to marry for all of Michigan’s loving, committed couples.


Thank you!

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